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The New Standard
in Cybersecurity

We Use Activity to Get 360-Degree Protection of Your Business

Let Us Protect Your Data & Business at a Higher Standard

When looking for a Cybersecurity solution, don't just buy a product, buy a partner. Our solution is not simply a piece of software we sell and we're onto the next, we truly partner and monitor to protect your business. If you ever have any issues, we're standing right beside you to navigate. 


How many other cybersecurity software packages can say that?  

Often times businesses will purchase cybersecurity software to check a box. The software gets installed, but never configured, never watched or maintained, and alerts get sent to blackholes, leaving the business only slightly more protected than they were before installing. 

With The Security Lab's program, not only will the software be installed and configured accordingly, you'll have a full SOC, 24x7x365 monitoring and taking action on any alerts that come up, keeping your company protected, giving you piece of mind that your defenses are always up and being watched. 

Cloud Backup 

Cloud backups ensure all your data is well protected, and secured from any potential breaches, ready at a moments notice.  

Automated Discovery

We automatically discover endpoints to protect, including new servers, USB devices, etc. as they come onto your network.

Accelerated Response

Our industry leading solution has a 100 millisecond response time, which combats the 300-files-per-second average encryption rate during an attack.  

Fully Staffed SOC & SIEM

Our fully staffed SOC (Security Operations Center) is constantly monitoring your systems 24/7/365 and ready at a moments notice to block or assist with a breach. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Downtime is the silent killer when it comes to cybersecurity and cyberattacks. 

With 100 millisecond automated response times, The Security Lab can ensure your business uses the old adage "The best defense is a good offense", and minimize or eliminate downtime. We are constantly looking for threats and fighting them. 

The Security Lab ensures all your systems are well protected, monitored, and secured from external and internal breaches. We give you the peace of mind to focus on the growth and health of your company, with the confidence to move forward, knowing we're watching your back, mitigate any risks to your business. 

Key Numbers to Remember


Files-per-Second is the Average Encryption Rate per Attack


Response Time for Our Agent to Stop an Attack


Technicians in Our Fully Staffed SOC, Located in PA, USA


Forms of Protection, Total Defense has AV and 2 x AI


The Average Cost per Cyber-Attack, in Dollars and Downtime

Our Partners

Are You Ready to Protect Your Business?

It's time to protect your business. Cybersecurity is a Cat and Mouse game. The Security Lab gives you the tools needed to fight the cats.

Don't wait to protect your business until its too late. From small businesses to police stations and cities, to the Federal Government, no one is safe. 

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