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Let Us Protect Your Data & Business at a Higher Standard

Our Services

Cloud Backup 

Cloud backups ensure all your data is well protected, and secured from any potential breaches, ready at a moments notice. Our On-Prem HIgh Availability devices, with cloud enabled replication ensure if your primary devices become unavailable, you can run in our cloud environment until things are back up and running the way they should be. 

Accelerated Response

Our industry leading solution has a 100 millisecond response time, which combats the 300-files-per-second average encryption rate during an attack. Often times, before you're even aware an event happened, we're blocking and protecting your business from attacks and breaches. 

Automated Discovery & SIEM

We automatically discover endpoints to protect, including new servers, USB devices, etc. as they come onto your network. If a new device comes onto your network unexpectedly, we have your back. We're always scanning and ready for anything that comes our way. Our state of the art SIEM software ensures we know EVERYTHING going on inside your network.

Fully Staffed SOC

Our fully staffed SOC (Security Operations Center) located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is constantly monitoring your systems 24/7/365 and ready at a moments notice to block or assist with a breach.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Whether you have an existing IT department or not, we are a great fit for the cybersecurity of any business, of any size, from SMB to Enterprise. With real time alerts and updates, we are always ready to assist in any way possible, protecting your business from ransomware, with more than just your standard antivirus / antimalware protection.  

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