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Our Mission

To help ensure every business, of every size, is properly protected from any and all outside cyberthreats, and prepared in the event they experience a breach. 

Our Story

As humble Technology professionals, we have a collective 60 years of experience in various industries and areas of the Technology field. Through our years, we were hard pressed to find a single solution that could completely protect the environments we managed. 


We had environments we managed where we wanted to enable some form of security, but owners and managers were unwilling to make the proper investment, and simply purchased software packages, confident that those solutions were enough. Cut to, breaches happened, and the costs added up quickly. The basic software was not enough, and when contacting the providers, they were less than helpful. We knew there was a better way. A way to create a fully encompassing solution that coupled software protection and added a human element to the protection.

These experiences and necessity gave birth to The Security Lab.

Our team encompasses existing and prior CIOs, CTOs, COOs, and DOD and NSA operatives. 

With all that experience comes a breadth of knowledge not commonly found elsewhere. We took our collective experiences from various industries and company sizes, and came up with the solutions we have today. We work hard to make sure our solution is not only the right fit, but affordably priced for all businesses, because all businesses are at risk for cybercrime and attacks. 

From management, to solution architects, to SOC technicians, we keep a single central theme: Do It Right, No Shortcuts.

Experienced Leadership

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